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If You dont understand this, you'll never have the perfect swing

In my years working as a therapist and even in my earlier years of working with golfers, I am secure enough to admit that at times, I felt as though my golfers were speaking a different language.  I heard many terms such as “hook, slice, pull hook (which, by the way, does not really exist), fade, draw, in to out, out to in,” etc., but really did not understand the differences, and to be honest, I didn’t really feel that it was all that important to understand them.  I figured that if I was able to make my client more flexible, stronger, and get him/her in the right positions in their swing, it didn’t matter all that much if I knew what their ball flight was.  I admit here and now, that that was a huge mistake as a naïve golf fitness trainer.

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The US Open or American Ninja Warrior?

Which one is harder?  That is not an easy question.  If you’ve been watching either of these, you know what I’m talking about.  NBC has a new show that is basically a gauntlet style fitness challenge for the fittest of the fit.  It requires brute strength, balance, concentration, speed, agility and maybe even a little bit of luck.  The US Open is not that much different in many respects.

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Do you “Play golf like a girl?”

I wish I did.  I’m not talking about the movie “The Sandlot” when Ham Porter used this line to get under the rival ball club’s skin; I mean it in the most flattering way possible. 

This past week, I had the opportunity to spend some time working with an up and coming star on the Symetra Golf Tour (formerly known as the Future’s tour) by the name of Taylor Collins (  Taylor is about 5 foot 1 inch tall, probably around 100lbs (just a guess, I know that’s a dangerous game for a guy to play) and flat out crushes the ball.

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Do your hips move like this in your Golf Swing?

I've shown this video discussing the proper hip and pelvis motion in the golf swing to several of my clients and saw the light bulb go on.  I thought, if this helped them, it just may help you.

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Is giving 100% catastrophic for your golf swing!

If you’ve grown up playing sports, built your own business, or simply have that competitive gene in your blood, I’m sure you are like me and have tried to live by the rule of “Give it 100%” if you want to be successful in whatever it is you are doing, right?  Well, that just may be the kryptonite of your golf swing.

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