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My Story


My name is Jeff Pelizzaro. For those of you that do not yet know me, thanks for visiting. I hope you find what I have to say to be helpful, intuitive and at least somewhat entertaining. The reason I have created this site is simply to share as much as I can with the golfer that is looking to gain every edge on their game, specifially in the realm of fitness, conditioning, mental strength, injury prevention, and basics of the game of golf.  

Like many of you, I didn't have the fortune of growing up playing the game of golf.  It was something that I pretty much fell into a couple of years ago and got hooked.  I have since been able to build my career around this great game and have dedicated many hours learning as much as I can about the swing, mechanics, and the physical nature of the game.  And again, like many of you, I have gained a great appreciation for playing the game and can't get enough of it.

Due to the fact that I began working with golfers as a physical therapist and then a fitness trainer, my initial exposure was simply that of watching how the body moves, figuring out how to make those movements more efficient and powerful, and most importantly, how to make sure none of my golfers got injured.  Only after working in this sport for a couple of years did I really begin to understand the game and how to really analyze the swing from a golfer's perspective.  Before, it was all a foreign language to me.  Now, I believe that my initial naivity was a blessing.  Because I was coming from the view of a layperson, rather than a golfer,  I have been told that in my training and teaching, I am able to relay some of the more complex information in a way that is easy to understand, and better yet, apply.

Hopefully, I can do that for you too.  

A Little Background Info. . .

I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and have basically lived here all of my life with the exception of my college years, during which I resided in Kansas City, MO. I come from a very large and very close extended family, which I have begun to appreciate even more as I grow up and especially now that I have experienced the birth of 2 kids and now almost 4 years of fatherhood. I did pretty well in school and was a decent athlete. I wish I could say I was the valedictorian and had to turn down full rides for a soccer scholarship to several Division 1 schools, but I was not quite that smart or talented.

I spent 6 years in Kansas City, where I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in physical therapy at small private school, Rockhurst University. It was here in KC, even though we grew up about 5 min from each other in Saint Louis, where I met my wife Susan. Many of good times were had at that school, and as I’m sure many of you also would agree, it would be a lot of fun to just go back to college for a few days. Kansas City was a great place and I still miss living there sometimes.

The Real World. . . 

After returning to St. Louis in 2002, I worked for several years in your traditional physical therapy clinic treating many athletes of all ages and levels and saw just about every injury that you can imagine. I was promoted to the Director of Clinical care for a high volume and well respected orthopedic therapy group. Despite having a physical therapy job and a great staff of therapists working for me, I new that this was not the environment that I wanted to be in forever.  I had a passion for sports performance and fitness and new that best way to prevent all of these injuries that I had been treating was to work with people before they got hurt, especially athletes.

I was basically introduced to the idea of "Golf Fitness" by a trainer here in St. Louis by the name of Alison Theitje, who owned Motion Memory Golf.  I had the opportunity to work with Alison and learned about the biomechanics of the golf swing from the perspective of a fitness professional and physical therapist.  Since then (2008) I have been learning as much as I can and have had the fortune of working with some of the best golfers, teaching pros, and clubs in the area.

I have since started my own fitness company (Performance United Fitness) which allows me to work primarily with elite and recreational golfers in the Saint Louis area and from other parts of the country. It has been amazing to work with individuals that are seeking out my services and are committed to improving their health and talents.  My credentials now include being a Plane Truth Golf Instructor, under the mentorship of Jim Hardy and Chris O'Connell (Mautt Kuchar and Stewart Cink's swing coach), as well being a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified Fitness Professional.

Passion and Mission. . . 

Golf has become my passion.  Both playing and helping others play better.  I pride myself on helping many golfers that have struggled with traditional instruction by simply helping them understand their body better.  It has been a pleasure working not only with the golfers, but also witht the teaching pros.  I feel we are all much stronger working as a team, and have seen first hand that when working in collaboration, we can get our students to reach a potential they never thought they had. 

My mission is to help you as a golfer exceed your expectations and to teach other fitness professionals and golf professionals how to help their clients.  It's not the club, it's not the ball, it's the golfer.  And the stronger, more consistent, more powerful, and more efficient that golfer is, the lower the score!

I once did an exercise in a personal development/leadership course that revolved around creating a "Purpose Statement."  Basically the exercise was the culmination of several activities and lead to us putting on paper what we instinctively determined to be our purpose in life.  Long story short, mine read

To teach others that they can achieve more and that they deserve best that life has to offer!


This is true in golf and life.  Hopefully I can assist in both!