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 Ellen Port (3-time USGA Women's Mid Am Champion)

"There are a couple of factors as to why at age 50, I  feel as though I am playing the best golf of my career.  The first is I think I am fairly honest at evaluating my strengths and weaknesses as a player- tackling my weaknesses with my swing coach and maintaining my strengths with practice.  The second, reason I am still wining at 50 is due to the training I have done in the off season with Jeff Pelizzaro at Performance United Fitness. Jeff designed an exercise program that helped improve every aspect of my game--balance, coordination, swing speed, flexibility, muscle endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance. I didn't need marathon sessions in the gym I simply needed the right combination of exercise designed specifically for my needs. As I saw my fitness level improve I also saw the motion of my golf swing become more fluid and powerful.  Jeff has shown me a way to actually make the winter months as productive as the summer ones as far as improve my golf swing and scores."



 Shawn Jasper (Professional Golfer, Nationwide, NGA, E-Golf)






 Parker LaBarge (Professional Golfer, NGA Tour)

"Jeff trains golfers of all abilities.  He gets them to understand the dynamics of how the body and the swing work.  We used a variety of exercises to not only get me physically fit but to help me with the technical aspects of my swing.  He listened to my thoughts and concerns regarding my training which really allowed him to fine tune my training regimen.  Jeff really understands fitness not only as it relates to golf but to life as well. I recommend Jeff to anyone looking to become a better golfer and a better person physically."



Andy Frost (7-Time Bellerive Country Club Champion)